Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Queen Street Veterinary Services in Kincardine, ON! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

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Dr. Heather White, Owner/Veterinarian

Dr. Heather White


Dr. Heather graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2008 and opened the original practice on her farm, Gordon Lake Veterinary Clinic, later that year. After an overwhelming response to the new clinic, Dr. Heather worked to open a new location in downtown Kincardine in early 2009 – Queen Street Veterinary Services. Dr. Heather is also certified in Spinal Manipulation (more commonly known as chiropractic care) for both small and large animals. When not working as both a business owner and veterinarian, Dr. Heather loves to stay active within our community with her 3 children. Her furry family consists of Nugee, the 2 toothed wonder, as well as Thomas and Percy, the Bloodhound brothers.

Dr. Andrew White


Dr. Andrew graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2005. Born and raised in Kincardine, he was happy to return home after graduating and purchased Pine River Mobile Veterinary Services in 2007. When not at work, Dr. Andrew is an active member within the community, currently serving as Councillor at Large on the Kincardine Council. He also enjoys baking and growing fresh produce for Turkey Hill Farms, his and Dr. Heather’s hobby farm. Dr. Andrew also has a passion for theatre and can be seen from time to time acting and singing within the Kincardine Community Theatre Guild.

Vicki Lapratt, Hospital Manager

Vicki Lapratt

Hospital Manager

Vicki graduated from the veterinary technician program at Seneca College in 1995. Before joining us in 2016, she worked for many years in the veterinary industry in Toronto. Vicki is an all-around animal lover with 6 pet hens, 2 cats, 1 rooster and 1 dog. Her dream would be to have a hobby farm. Vicki loves being able to interact with our clients and patients every day!

Jennifer Farrell, Practice Manager

Jennifer Farrell

Practice Manager

Jennifer began working at Queen Street as a receptionist in 2009 and became our Practice Manager in 2013. Before becoming part of our team, Jennifer was a dairy farmer for 25 years! Some of you might recognize Jennifer from the Kincardine Pipe Band where she serves as Pipe Major. Make sure to give her a friendly smile when you see her marching down the streets during the Saturday night Pipe Band Parade during the summer! When not at work, she gets lots of cuddles and love from her cat, Murdoch and fluffy Flandoodle, Bessie.

Jen Wilken, Pine River Office Manager

Jen Wilken

Pine River Office Manager

Jen graduated from Veterinary Assistant Program at Sheridan College in 2000. She began working for Pine River Mobile Veterinary Services in 2007. While the majority of her work happens outside the Queen Street clinic, you will see her smiling face pop in from time to time. Jen lives on her dairy farm with 4 horses, 2 cats and 2 faithful dog companions, Darcey and Ellie. She enjoys spending some of her free time participating in competitive dressage competitions with her horse Henry.

Heather Ward, Registered Veterinary Technician

Heather Ward

Registered Veterinary Technician

Heather graduated from the Veterinary Technician Program at St. Clair College in 1991 and became a registered veterinary technician (RVT) the same year. Heather was the first RVT to start at our facility back in 2008. With 20 year of experience, she continues to be a beacon of knowledge to both staff and clients alike. Her unmistakable positivity and bubbly attitude are hard to miss when you see her at work. She loves working to establish and maintain her relationships with both clients and patients like! An animal lover of the big and small, Heather has 2 cats, Tiny and Pumpkin and a Labrador, Titan. She has even been known to make room in her home for sick calves and squirrels from time to time.

Jaclyn Smith, Registered Veterinary Technician

Jaclyn Smith

Registered Veterinary Technician

Jaclyn graduated from the veterinary technician program at Georgian College in 2010 and became a registered veterinary technician (RVT) the same year. She joined out team in 2009 during her college co-op semester and loved it so much she couldn’t imagine leaving (and we couldn’t imagine the clinic without her)! She considers her co-workers and many of the clients and patients as family. Jaclyn loves taking her sweet, snuggly Doberman, Boone on long walks along the Kincardine shoreline.

RaeAnn McArthur, Registered Veterinary Technician

RaeAnn McArthur

Registered Veterinary Technician

RaeAnn graduated from the veterinary technician program at St. Clair College in 2014. That year was a busy one as she also became a registered veterinary technician (RVT) and joined out team. She loves that every day presents itself with something new and exciting! RaeAnn ventured to South Africa in 2016 and would love to travel and explore more of the world in the future. She gets lots of cuddles at home from her sassy, but adorable, rescue cat Darla.

Dani Scott, Veterinary Technician

Dani Scott

Veterinary Technician

Dani graduated from the veterinary technician program at Ridgetown Campus in 2012 and was a welcomed addition to our team in 2017. Her furry family consists of a German Shepherd and 2 rescue cats. Dani loves the variety of animals she works with on a daily basis and appreciates the supportive and compassionate team here at Queen Street. When Dani was a child she wanted to be a zoologist (or a Spice Girl) when she grew up.

Julie Szydlowski, Veterinary Technician

Julie Szydlowski

Veterinary Technician

Julie graduated from the Veterinary Technician Program at College Boreal in 1999. She was a welcomed addition to our team in 2017. Since she was a child, Julie always knew she wanted to work with animals. She is excited to come to work to care for animals and loves that she can continue to learn and grow as veterinary medicine continues to evolve. With the motto, “you only live once”, Julie would like to travel and explore the world more. Her furry family consists of her playful French Bulldog named Puck.

Stacey Courtney, Veterinary Technician

Stacey Courtney

Veterinary Technician

Stacey graduated from the veterinary technician program at Ridgetown College in 2011 and joined our team the same year. She can’t get enough of her furbaby Dewey the cat, who she rescued at 8 weeks old. Stacey is a true cat lover, saying if she were an animal she would definitely be a cat. She considers her co-workers family, and we feel the same way. During her downtime she loves to curl up with Dewey and watch Disney movies.

Lyndsey Bisch, Receptionist

Lyndsey Bisch


Lyndsey is a graduate from Mohawk College and joined our team as a receptionist in 2013. She was drawn to Queen Street by the fact that it would give her an opportunity to learn new things every day. Lyndsey has the gift for gab and loves interacting with our clients and patients. She is also our resident retail guru and is a “pet-expert” in all our fun and innovative retail items. She also has a real knack for baking, especially if there is a competition involved. Giving the chance to do another job for just one day, Lyndsey would want to be a judge on a baking competition. She also spends her time with her one and only fur-child Cricket the Australian Shepherd.