Pine River Mobile Veterinary Services provides 24hr, on call, large animal services. Our lab & dispensary are located within Queen Street Veterinary Services, downtown Kincardine, ON. We specialize in reproductive work, both bovine & equine, dairy herd management and equine dentistry and wellness.

Along with annual examinations and vaccinations for your equine partners, you also have the option of having blood drawn for a wellness screening, with quick, same day results. This assists in early disease detection as well as providing a base line for future reference.

As well as regular equine care, our Powerfloat offers safe, routine, dental care within your own barn. Our portable, digital X-ray machine offers convenient, on farm diagnostics. The Easy-Scan 3 ultrasound provides an efficient and accurate analysis of the reproductive tract.

Please contact Jen or Andrew at 519.396.0796 to book your appointment today.