Labrador Retriever

Healthy food makes for healthy pets. However, the nutritional needs will vary depending on the dog or cat’s life stage. For example, the nutritional needs of a growing puppy or kitten are much different than the needs of adult dog or cat that leads a sedentary life. As our pets age, their nutritional needs may change again. Veterinary exclusive lifestage diets are perfectly balanced, contain high quality ingredients and hold the highest possible safety standards. These diets are designed to be key components in the total veterinary health care plan for your pet. High quality protein ingredients are used so that your pet can absorb the protein more efficiently. Even though high quality ingredients cost more, the cost of feeding is about the same as with store bought brands because your pet does not need to eat as much to meet their energy demands. A reduced volume in food will also result in a reduced stool volume. Let us work with you to prescribe the best food option for your pet throughout their lives!