Labrador retriever

Bloodwork can be recommended for many reasons. Whether for a general health screen or for an ill patient, bloodwork can provide a host of information regarding your pet’s health. Our bloodwork is broken down into 3 parts – CBC, chemistry panel and electrolyte panel.

The CBC (complete blood count) analyzes and provides detailed information about red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. A CBC can help diagnose anemia, inflammation, underlying stress, the inability to fight infection as well as potential bleeding problems. One of our technicians will also make a manual blood smear to access the shape and morphology of these cells.

Our chemistry panel assesses internal organ function by analyzing levels like calcium, albumin, amylase, phosphorus, glucose and total protein- to name a few. These markers help indicate function and health of our internal organs such as the liver, kidney and pancreas.

The electrolyte panel assesses potassium, sodium, chloride. Normal electrolyte values are vital to an animal’s health. Electrolyte levels are especially important when evaluating vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and cardiac symptoms.

With our state of the art blood analysis machines, these tests can be run in house with results available for analysis within 10 minutes.